KfW energy efficiency program for production plants/processes (KfW product number 292)

    This programme is suitable for
    Target groups
    Who is funded? (Eligible to apply)

    • Majority privately owned domestic and foreign commercial enterprises
    • Freelances
    • Companies that provide (energy) services for a third party on commercial non-residential buildings within the scope of a contracting agreement (without restrictions due to the size of turnover).

    Projects in other countries can also be funded. German commercial enterprises and freelance professionals and subsidiaries of the above-mentioned German enterprises based in other countries may apply, along with joint ventures outside Germany with significant German participation.

    What is funded? (Purpose)

    Investments for energy conservation of at least 10%:

    • Machines/equipment/process technology
    • Compressed air/vacuum/extraction technology
    • Electric drives/pumps
    • Process cooling, and process heat
    • Heat recovery/waste heat utilisation
    • Measurement and control technology
    • ICT, power, heat, cogeneration plants

    In case of projects in other countries or joint ventures and investments, the costs attributable to the German investor/share are funded. For projects in the EU, the share of EU joint venture partners is also eligible. Outside the EU, an environmental and social impact assessment is required.

    The funding is granted, in what amount? (The type and amount of support)

    Loans of up to €25 million per project, loan ceiling may be exceeded for projects particularly worthy of promotion, up to 100% of the investment costs.

    • Term: up to 5 years with no more than 1 initial year in which the loan is repayment-free (5/1), up to 10 years with no more than 2 (10/2) or up to 20 years with no more than 3 repayment-free initial years (20/3)
    • Interest rate: low interest rates, standard bank collateralisation
    • Disbursement 100%

    You do not receive your loan directly from KfW but from a financing partner such as your bank.

    Contact information

    Via principal bank to KfW
    Tel.: +49 (0) 800 539 90 01 (the call is free of charge)

    Further information

    Via principal bank to KfW
    Tel.: +49 (0) 800 539 90 01 (the call is free of charge)